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Enhanced Token Info

Quickly update your DEX Screener token page with accurate and up-to-date info and socials

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All major cryptocurrencies and cards accepted

Update your token info with DEX Screener directly to grow your community and stand out from the crowd!

DEX Screener

Stand out from the crowd

Your project's logo and socials can be displayed on DEX Screener front and center, so traders can easily spot and interact with it!


Show your project's commitment to transparency and trust and inform potential token holders of the project's vision, team and roadmap

Community Engagement

Crypto projects live and die by their communities: Enhanced Token Info boosts social engagement and helps bring token holders together to connect and collaborate for shared success

Accurate Market Cap

Set wallets holding locked supply and ensure your token's market cap is always displayed correctly

How does it work?

Submit token info

Fill out the form in under a minute!

Wait for review

Most tokens are reviewed within an hour, but may take up to 24 hours if further confirmation is needed

Complete payment

All major cryptocurrencies and credit/debit cards accepted